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Solar Solutions for Business

Consumers are increasingly choosing to do business with companies who support sustainable initiatives and run on clean energy. By implementing solar energy systems into your business, you’ll not only attract new eco-conscious customers and employees, but you’ll also reap the rewards of lower energy costs and decreased environmental impact. And with SuperGreen Solutions on your side, solar has never been simpler.

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Energy Savings Audit

How much money are you spending on wasted energy? With a comprehensive Energy Audit, you’ll discover detailed insights on the energy efficiency and performance of your office building. Once the audit is complete, you will be provided with recommendations for turnkey solutions to improve and reduce your carbon footprint and immediately lower costs.

Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels protect you from the highly volatile rates and environmental damage of traditional electricity. By investing in solar panels, your business can harness the sun’s renewable energy to keep energy costs low or even non-existent. Our solar consultants will work with you to determine if solar panels are the right solution for your business and serve as a trusted guide throughout the entire process.

Design & Installation

Vetting and selecting the right solar energy providers can be challenging — and a project you as a business owner simply don’t have time for. At SuperGreen Solutions, we’re here to be your adviser and advocate. We’ll help you choose the right size solar energy system for your business, evaluate the best manufacturer, and coordinate installation with a trusted contractor.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is an essential step for protecting your solar investment. Dirt buildup decreases the effectiveness of your commercial solar energy system, therefore diminishing your ROI. We provide expert solar cleaning services to keep your solar panels functioning at peak performance.

Experience the positive impact of green technology.

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